Low Carb Lunches

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Low Carb Corporate
Lunch Suggestions

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Low Carb Wrap    $7.00
Wrap Sandwich filled with meats, cheese and vegetables

Low Carb Sandwich    $7.00
Low Carb Sandwich served on Atkins® bagel

Caesar Salad     $9.00
Caesar Salad with grilled chicken on romaine with grated cheese

Chef Salad     $9.00
Chefs Salad with vegetables, turkey, cheeses and hard boiled egg

Baked Egg Frittata     $8.00
minimum 10

Baked Egg Fritata with cheese, ham and peppers

Vegetarian Baked Egg Frittata     $8.00
minimum 10
Vegetarian Baked Egg Frittata with broccoli, mushrooms and cheese

Greek Salad       $11.00
Greek Salad with sliced flank steak

Grilled Salmon Salad     $12.00
Grilled Salmon on spinach and mushroom salad


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